Slipping Solutions

Providing answers to slips and falls

Welcome to Slipping Solutions

Slipping Solutions is a Delaware based team of professional installers of the premier slip resistant material. We provide you protection in your business or home from the hazards of slips and falls. With the stunning increases in injury awards due to slips and falls, the verdicts are now approaching a six figure average, and the potential additional fines also equaling the same payout, you can no longer ignore the liability of having slippery surface. How Much Does A Slip And Fall Lawsuit Cost?

How we can help

With the treatment of your surfaces by our installers you will be able to provide evidence of taking proactive steps to protect yourself and others from the dangers of falling which is the second leading cause of unintentional deaths. This results in both a lower risk from injury and lower costs.

This provides benefits such as:
  • Compliance at or above Federal Legislation Standards
  • Peace of mind that liability has been reduced
  • More productive workforce
  • Customer safety and satisfaction
  • Reduced insurance claims and premiums
  • Enhances the reputation of the business/homeowner
  • Qualify for potential tax incentives