Slipping Solutions

Providing answers to slips and falls

How it works

Slipping Solutions uses materials that works with mineral surfaces to increase the co-efficient of friction up to 200-400% when wet creating a slip resistant surface. This results in a significantly safer walk surface.

Our Product

Will not harm or change the appearance of the surface or bathtub
Does not promote germ or bacteria growth like bath mats or grip strips will
Can be safely and easily reapplied
Preserves the integrity of the materials
Is transparent
Is non-hazardous
Leaves no residue on the treated surface
Is odor free
Is safer to walk on in a wet condition after treatment than a dry untreated surface
Can be walked on immediately after application
Has no drying time
Has no curing time
Has no set-up time
Comes with a written guarantee
Will never peel, flake or discolor

Some of the benefits of our solutions include:

Governmental Compliance

Extensive legislation exists that mandates safety in the workplace. American Disabilities Act, and OSHA are just two examples that can impact businesses with hefty fines for unsafe walk surfaces in addition to legal action from those who are injured. Slipping Solutions will provide answers as to how you can maintain safe surfaces at work or home.

Financial liability

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has documented that up to 50% of all work place accidents are due to slips and falls and that 75% of all man-days lost are due to slip and fall accidents. Average cost of an employee slip and fall accident is $20,000. Lawsuits are increasing at an alarming rate and the settlements for slips and falls are doing the same. Slipping Solutions will provide answers as to how to mitigate your financial liability due to slips and falls.

Business Growth

Establishing a safe environment for doing business may be a differentiating advantage which could allow you to grow your business. When your customers are thinking about your goods and services instead of safety concerns that is a win-win for everyone. Slipping Solutions will provide you answers as to how to keep the focus on sales and off of potential injuries.